Volkswagen Polo TSI

Effortless power. Efficient consumption.

It’s power that everyone craves, but a few experience. The Polo TSI edition is built to fuel the thrill of driving. Powered by the revolutionary TSI technology, this hatchback is crafted to be the center of attention on every driveway. Set out on a drive in Polo TSI edition and experience a perfect blend of carefree power and thoughtful efficiency. Elegant and ingenious. Truly a legend.


Cause of peer pressure in engines

1.0L TSI Petrol engine

A redefined marvel of unprecedented performance, The Volkswagen TSI oozes an untamed 110hp. And yet, at 18.24km/litre on the Polo, doesn’t irresponsibly guzzle fuel. It displays thoughtfulness by ensuring fuel efficiency, leaving plenty more for you to play with, while you set the road on fire. With 175Nm of torque shooting thrill through your veins, let’s just say your mini beast isn’t pulling over anytime soon. Truly worthy of the standing ovations it receives from other engines.

Great power. Greater responsibility

Airbags standard

What’s power with safety? Equipped with dual-front Airbags as standard, the Polo TSI edition is one of the safest premium hatchback in its segment.

Galvanised steel body

Sit nestled comfortably as you ride in a 100% galvanised steel body that’s enclosed by a laser-welded roof. As safe as possible (or probably even more).

ABS as Standard

Ensure you get traction and control when you want to stop, without losing control or fearing unnecessary lag.

Auto dimming internal rear-view mirror

Dim out the glare from vehicles that trail behind.


4 Year Warranty

At Volkswagen, we give you a 100,000 kilometer warranty for 4 years. Because that's how confident we are, of our high quality parts!

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3 Free Services

Servicing your Volkswagen is important to ensure you experience it at its best. To ensure you experience German engineering at its finest, we're offering you 3 complimentary services on your favourite Volkswagen.

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4 Year Roadside Assistance

With a 4 year roadside assistance free with your Volkswagen, never worry. on your drives Because no matter what, we've got you covered!

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