About Us


SIMPLY THE BEST LallyMotors stands today as a group synonymous with very high levels of customer satisfaction. Having been set up in the year 1998, Lally Motors believes in the philosophy of treating the customer as king. Representing Volkswagen India (Volkswagen Lally Motors), Lally Motors has come a long way since 1998 and has continuously been striving to fulfil its philosophy of maintaining a high standard in consumer happiness.

Marking a strong presence in all major cities of Punjab, Lally Motors boasts of four dealerships across North India. Volkswagen dealerships are in Ludhiana, Jalandhar, and Hoshiarpur. Lally Motors has recently opened a new Volkswagen dealership in the city of Chandigarh in industrial area phase 1.

While Lally Motors are regarded as one of the leading automobile dealer groups in the country, they were also one of the first dealers to offer Volkswagen cars in the country. The group services more than one lakh cars every year, and has also set up specialized cells for different departments to ensure smooth functioning and highest service quality to their customers.

The trust that Lally Motors has fostered over the years is not limited to only customers. Currently employing more than one thousand five hundred people, the group aims at targeting the younger age group in order to solve issues of unemployment. In a bid to achieve this objective of theirs, the group aims at generating employment for the youth. Lally Motors group has an exclusive training department to train all members of staff especially on soft skills so that they can deliver excellent levels of customer service and also have an in house HR department to ensure the quality of staff recruited is of the highest level. Another major milestone that the group is trying to achieve is of targeting aturnover of Rs.700 Crore, which it hopes will soon be achieved.

With nearly 65 per cent of the group’s thousand plus workers having been associated with it for nearly 10 years, the attrition rate at Lally Motors is almost negligible. Aiming to develop a congenial work environment, Lally Motors also looks at developing the skills of youngsters and their workers by instituting in-house training programs to improve performance levels of workers working for the group.

Laying special emphasis on the environment, Lally Motors is actively involved in a number of CSR activities. The group has also undertaken the task of conducting awareness and sensitization campaigns at their various dealerships. For the group, road safety is an extremely crucial and necessary area of concern.

This philosophy of Lally Motors is also recognized by the automobile manufacturers. Recently Lally Motors was the proud recipient of the ``Most Aspiring Dealer of the Year Award’’ yet again. This again is not a first for the dealership. They have been awarded the Automotive Dealership Excellence Award for three years consecutively, in 2013, 2014 and 2015 from the prestigious Federation of Automotive Dealers Associations (FADA).

This award is an addition to the already long list of awards that Lally Motors has achieved. The List of Awards includes The Highly Prestigious and Highly Sought After – The Volkswagen Gold Pin Award in 2013 & 2014, 5 Star Workshop Awards – 2011, Platinum Award – Overall Best Performance – 2012 & 14, All India No.1 in Sales Satisfaction – 2012, All India All Round Best 3rd Runner up –Jalandhar – 2013, Highest Customer Satisfaction Award in Service (CSS) – 2013 & 2015, All India No.1 in Customer Satisfaction – Service (CSS) – 2014, Highest Customer Satisfaction in Sales (CSS) – 2015, Aspire Platinum Dealership – Jalandhar (CSS) – 2015, Aspire Platinum Dealership – Ludhiana (CSS) – 2015, Aspire Gold Dealership – Hoshiarpur – 2015, Lowest Complaint in Sales – 2015 & Lowest Complaint in Service – 2015

All this amply puts forward its spirit of ‘Simply the Best.’ It believes in total customer satisfaction and constantly strives to improve quality standard to achieve excellence. Since its inception, Lally Motors is living up to its solid and widely acclaimed lineage of Trust, Value and Service. The difference lies in the sheer scale of operations at Lally Motors, both at individual as well as corporate selling of cars.

All these factors combine to make the group diligently pursue its philosophy of being simply the best. Lally Motors aims to provide their customers with a wider choice in the automobiles segment, and carry on with their legacy of serving customers to their utmost satisfaction. That’s why they are known as Lally Motors, Simply the Best.